Andrew Meyerson

Former Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, grant writer at J Street, and current student at Columbia University's PostBac Premed program in NYC. I love progressive politics, great photography, innovative design, NPR, Radiolab, The Moth, and 10-mile hikes with a selection from Audible. Orioles and Ravens.

Track looks like streaks of light (at Marble Hill – 225th Street)

Going underground (at Lexington Avenue / 59th Street)

A tree all by its lonesome. #latergram #tbt #Morocco (at Autoroute Marrakech-Rabat)

What a sky. (at Spuyten Duyvil Bridge)

Pirate ship off the coast of New Jersey! Okay no Jolly Roger flag but it’s still a cool ship. ¡Trivia! Where’s it from? (at Palisades Interstate Parkway Park , Alpine Picnic Area.)

Morning ritual. I wake up first and give Don Ricardo Carranza his breakfast. Then he climbs into bed with @angelicahoy, puts his head in her hand, and they have a 20-minute cuddle session while I shower and get dressed. Every day. It’s so freakin cute.

Sunrise over the Golden Gate. San Francisco, Mid-1990s. #tbt (at Golden Gate Bridge)

#GWB and #NYC skyline from Yonkers (at Yonkers Water Front)

What if train tracks were giant xylophones? #WHPheretothere (at Spuyten Duyvil)

The view from our couch in the new apartment. :) #yonkers

From #GCT, my first #hyperlapse (at Grand Central Terminal)

Good service yesterday. #xmarksthespot (at Metro North Hudson Line)

Stairway to Heaven / Doorway that looks like it has angel wings (at Yonkers Train Station)

Managed to get the #WTC and #GWB in same shot of #NYC from Yonkers (at Metro North Hudson Line)

#Shredder #TMNT